1996 Series, Episode 01 - Boleigh, Cornwall

Tony's introduction

Tony Robinson: This tunnel in Cornwall is 2000 years old, and up above me someone’s back garden.

We don’t know what this place was originally used for, and we don’t yet know if it was part of something bigger. But somewhere in the garden out there, let’s hope Time Team can come up with some answers.

Episode Credits

Presenter: Tony Robinson.

The Time Team: Mick Aston, Carenza Lewis, Phil Harding, Robin Bush, Victor Ambrus.

Geophysics Team: John Gater, Dr Susan Ovenden, Claire Stephens.

Royal Commission for Historical Monuments: Stewart Ainsworth, Bernard Thomason.

Computer Visualisations: Sue Francis, Steve Breeze.

Cameras: Nick Dance, Darrell Thornton, Denis Borrow.

Sound: Steve Shearn, Doug Dreger, Steve Bowden.

Communications: Joe Ellison.

Gaffer: Trevor Hale.

Production Team: Ruth Bolland, Paul Puplett, Jamie Wiggins, Kristian Dench.

Online Editor: Bill Cullen.

Dubbing Mixer: Carl Gardiner.

Unit Manager: Zarina Dick.

Production Manager: Phil Benton.

Research: Victoria Batten.

2nd Unit Director: Ella Galinski.

Editor: Martin Lee.

Archaeological Consultant: Mick Aston.

Associate Producer: Tony Robinson.

Executive Producer: Philip Clarke.

Director: Graham Dixon.

Producer: Tim Taylor.

Filmed: 17th, 18th and 19th March 1995.
First Broadcast: 07th January 1996, on Channel 4.

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